It was working fine yesterday. I’m not sure what happened.
— Probably You

We've got you covered

Tricked into clicking on a suspicious link? Did your operating system suffer the "Blue Screen of Death?" Has your laptop taken a dive onto your kitchen floor? Is your aging computer in need of a face-lift? You know that your computer has completely bit the dust but you don't know how to restore your back-ups? You don't know what a back up is???

We know your story. Let us help you! 

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General Services & Maintenance - $75/hr*

Does your computer seem to be running sluggish? Has the "Blue Screen of Death" halted your work flow? Are you still running Internet Explorer 8? 

Allow us to remove all the "crud" your computer has accumulated over its lifetime and help it run as it was intended to. Just like how a car needs and oil change, your computer may need some maintenance and clean-up to run at its peak performance. (Just don't expect your Ford Taurus-like laptop to be running like a Dodge Charger when we're through with it.) 

Internal Computer Repair - $75/hr*

Power surges. Water Damage. Teenagers.

All forces of nature that can physically damage your computer. Luckily we can help! Power supply replacements, laptop keyboard replacements, cracked laptop screen replacements, and more! However bad it may be, give us a shot at it! 

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Malware Removal - $95*

We don't care how you got it. We'll get it out. 

Once your computer is Malware free, we will also ensure you have a functioning anti-virus and install any major Windows updates you may need. 

Data Recovery/Data Backups - $75 to $150*

Catastrophes happen. But that doesn't mean all hope is lost! Let us see if we can save those critical business files or retrieve that irreplaceable family photo. 

Scared silly about losing your data? Let us guide you to a backup solution that will fit your needs and budget. 

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* Plus Tax

** One Hour Minimum

On-Site Service Call - $86/hr**

Do you have a network problem that can't be brought into our shop? Are you having trouble with the most basic computer tasks? Have us come to your home or business to get you back online or to give you a one-on-one tutorial on your specific question.