Accounting with quickbooks DESKTOP FOR PC’s

KaraTech consults exclusively in the QuickBooks accounting software. In just a few minutes, your customized QuickBooks Startup File is ready for business without a long interview process.

Our initial setup includes a new company file that's ready to maintain all your general ledger accounts, payroll, sales tax, inventory and more. We have designed one-on-one training for most of the standard functions.  We'll find a way to make your accounting as painless as possible.

With years of accounting experience, we have designed this program file to be easily implemented for any type business no matter how large or how small. Our clients include law firms, commodity brokers, mortgage companies, real estate developers, restaurants, retail stores, home owner associations, service industries, and yes, even other computer stores.

Already using QuickBooks? We can import all of your vital lists to our new file in just seconds, enter your opening balances and you're ready to go.  If you like the file you have, we can jump right in and make the transition as seamless as possible.

For your business

The QuickBooks software was designed to handle any type of business. KaraTech's new QuickBooks company file is designed to quickly adapt to your accounting needs in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Imagine sending financial statements to your CPA instead of your CPA sending them to you, thus enabling your CPA to spend their highly trained time on income taxes and strategic tax planning rather than bookkeeping, in less time. Now that's value!

Don't keep all your accounting "eggs" in one basket. Let KaraTech help you reconcile your tax return to your QuickBooks File.

Excel spreadsheets

Although the reporting feature in QuickBooks is very strong, even the makers of QuickBooks know there is no program that will give every report format your company may require. That's why QuickBooks has an "Excel" button in every report window. KaraTech can help you get the most out of your QuickBooks file. Filing your Quarterly Taxes was never so simple. OF COURSE, we can do it for you if you like. We are here to help you with your accounting and payroll processes in any way you like.

You manage your business, let us help manage your books:

  • Full-Service Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Processing with Quarterly Reports and W-2s

  • QuickBooks Setup and Training